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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6 -NIV

Where does your peace come from?

A few days ago my blog was very short a simple. I said, “Let me hear from all of you please. When do you feel the most peaceful?” Sadly, I had zero responses. Maybe there aren’t very many of you out there feeling peaceful. I sure hope that isn’t the case!

I was asked that question many years ago. The first answer that came to my mind was “holding my grandchildren on my lap, talking with them and reading them a story”. At that time I lived very near those precious children. That is not the case today. But when I do get to visit with them I still enjoy reading to them and of course visiting with them. My grandson is now too big to hold on my lap and one of my granddaughters is nearly too big. I had best get another visit in soon!

I have been pondering my source of peace a lot recently. It really began a couple of weeks ago when I had a few disturbing dreams that stirred up some memories of a times in my life that I wish I could completely forget. Those thoughts/memories seemed to be haunting me throughout the day. I have many regrets about those times.
I discussed the unsettled feelings and guilt that the memories stirred up with my husband. I knew what I needed to focus on but it did help to share my thoughts and emotions with him. We both came to the conclusion that Satan was trying to get my focus off the most important things by stirring up past failures and guilt.

As I shared a while back; my husband and I are at a very significant crossroads in our lives personally and in the life of the church we serve. It is so very crucial that we keep our focus on God alone. I know that if I do this I will have peace and not those unsettled feelings of guilt and confusion. I know that if I focus on Him that I will hear from Him.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Isaiah 26:3 NLT

Notice what this scripture says? You will be in perfect peace when? When your thoughts are fixed on God.
God is faithful to give you perfect peace; the peace is will sit deep within you; the peace that comes from the Holy Spirit.
Yes, I feel most settled doing the things that I enjoy. I believe it’s because God “wired” us each differently. I enjoy visiting with my children and grandchildren, riding my bicycle, riding horses, walking on the beach and of course digging in the dirt. Yes, I love digging in the dirt! I am eagerly awaiting the snow melting enough so I can get the door to my greenhouse open. If I’m having a difficult day and I can get to my greenhouse that is most likely where you will find me. I’m digging in the dirt and getting my eyes fixed on God.
But no matter whether I can get that door to my greenhouse open or not that shouldn’t shake my sense of peace that is deeply rooted in God. I’m looking out my office window at my greenhouse right now. There is no way that door is coming open anytime soon! Yes, I will have a great big smile in a couple of months when that door opens and I’m planting seeds. But for now I have a peace knowing that God is guiding me through this time.
I’m posing another question. Or should I say the same question only a bit broader? I’ll put it in 2 questions. When do you feel the most peaceful? And – How do you refocus when you know your eyes are off the Lord? Let me hear from you



  Melanie Mobbs wrote @

For me I am most at peace when I meditate, and also when I am in nature. In nature, this is especially true when I am very present and able to see the beauty of the world around me with appreciation and gratitude (aka: see God in everything). Perhaps it might help to extend love and gentle forgiveness to whatever it is that is coming up for you? Thanks for the great morning contemplation:)

  pyampolPatti wrote @

I, too am at peace when I am digging in the dirt. It seems God speaks to me so many times in so many ways when I am working in my gardens. I have not been able to do that the past couple years because of other committments or health, but know that God will find a way if I just focus on Him and let Him have His way. The most perfect peace I ever felt was fleeting, and at a time when I was not walking with God but was at my daughters, alone, looking at old family pictures . I felt this incedible peace that only lasted a few seconds or so it seemed…I tried to hold on to it, but it slipped away…But I never have forgotten it. It came another time as I laid beside Roy watching a movie. It is such an incredible feeling…why to we not be more obedient so we could have this peace more often?

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