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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6 -NIV

The Legacy of a Mother

It’s been 12 years since my mom left this world. I miss her even today. On April 21st of that year my mother told my brother and I something I have never forgotten “I just don’t want to hurt any more”. As I was standing in that same hospital room the morning of April 23rd I was crying because I knew how much I would miss her but in my heart I was rejoicing for her. I knew my mother’s wish had come true. She wasn’t hurting any more. She was with Jesus!
Today as I remember her I’m remembering a lot of other things she said throughout the years. I smile as I can almost hear her say………
Behave yourself! – yes I heard this nearly every time I went out the door
Stop piddlin’ – that was her way of saying you are being too slow
Do your chores – thank you Mom for giving me a good work ethic
You make hospital corners this way– she was picky about how to make a bed
Donna Kaye!-well let’s just say I paid attention when she said that
Spend time rocking your babies– Mom loved the babies and taught me well

She wasn’t a social person by any stretch of the imagination. But she was well liked by all that really knew her. She was hardworking, dedicated, and trustworthy. She would keep a secret if need be and did everything with excellence.

Our home life was far from perfect but that was not due to my mother. My father made it difficult but that is for another story; maybe someday. In spite of the struggles at home mom happily took care of the family and made the busy house a true home. She gave all the love she had.

In 1957 she was busy raising 3 children age 12, 10 and 8. Then she learned of another child due to be born in the fall of that year; this child needed a home. Another very long story, again for another time. She had so much love, compassion and forgiveness in her heart she decided to adopt this child. The child was born a bit earlier than expected, September 1957. That child was me and Evelyn Moss took me into her home and raised me as her own. I am forever grateful to have such a mother.

My mother did her best to teach me how to be a good woman, mother and to love God. She grew up in an era of obeying the rules so I was sure to learn the rules. She took me to church and made sure I learned all of the important Bible verses. More importantly she led by example. Her gentleness, caring for others, her work ethic and her even temper spoke volumes. They showed much more of Jesus than any others who can spout Bible verses. Yes, my mother could “get riled” to use her terminology. But when she did it was always for good reason. She was like a mother bear when it came to protecting her family and you had better not lie to her. Then she would really get riled!
My mother taught me …
How to grow a good garden
How to bake a good pie
That you can make wonderful meals out of leftovers
How to keep a home clean and orderly
To appreciate the smell of towels and bedding dried on the line
To appreciate the beauty of flowers
That there is no need to stress over a baby crying while you diaper her
Great conversations can be had while pulling weeds with your children
And, you know what? When she noticed I was having trouble saying some words she didn’t send me to speech therapy. She took me out to the barn when it was time to milk the cow in the evening. She turned a bucket upside down and told me to sit. As she milked the cow we talked and she had me practice those troublesome words. I have very fond memories of those evenings. And I learned to pronounce those words! Yes, she was a great tutor. Multiplication tables can be learned while cooking supper you know!

We didn’t have much but I never really felt it at the time. She sewed our clothes and they were wonderful. My classmates wanted to know where I bought them! She grew a huge garden and lots of fruit trees. She raised cattle, chickens and pigs. We never went hungry.

I wish I could say I followed her example in my early adult years. Sadly I strayed for a while. But what she tried to teach me in did take root. I have her to thank for where I am today. I hope I am passing on even a piece of that to my children.I’m not sure why I felt compelled to write this now.

What is significant about this year I don’t know. It’s been 12 years since I said goodbye. Well, I never really said goodbye. About 2:00 am I decided to go home to get a little nap. My daughter Lisa was in the room with us. Lisa and I both told Mom that we loved her and we would see her later. When I returned a few hours later Mom had just died. I lingered in that hospital room for a while and said goodbye. I think she knew. And it’s true, I will see her later, it’s just much later than I planned.

The last few days I’ve been thinking about how thankful I am that God gave me such a wonderful mother. I want my children and others to know the value of passing on a love for your home, your family and your God. A mother sets the tone for her family, a mother can teach so much by just doing. A mother has power to shape lives. A mother who loves God knows how to share that love with others. Thank you Momma for loving God and loving me.


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