From My Heart

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6 -NIV

We’re Old!

We’re getting old! My husband and I have said that to each other on more than one occasion lately. If the truth be known we aren’t that old given the statistics of life expectancy. Of course only God knows just how much time we have left. But with the aches and pains that are surfacing and the lack of stamina we had in our youth there are days when we feel OLD.
We also feel an urgency to use our days wisely. But life gets in the way! Or is it that God’s plans get in the way of our plans? During our “over morning coffee” discussions we have both shared the feeling of urgency and the hope that at the end of our days we will hear “Well done”.
We are also feeling the longing to slow down and enjoy more of the amazing world we live in and each other’s company.
My husband would like to go back and visit Yellowstone again. I would very much enjoy seeing that with him. Not a big dream but it seems unattainable at this point. He would also like to show me some of the parks and places in Utah that he frequented during his growing up years.
But I have an even bigger dream……….. visiting the New England States and maybe even up into the Maritimes. Restless, a mid-life crisis? Maybe but I don’t think so.
Even if it is a type of mid-life restlessness that may not necessarily be a bad thing. It’s causing us to evaluate the choices we are making and make adjustments.
We are discovering new ways to address life. Much more change is necessary. However, we are becoming more aware that our time on this earth is short. We should number our days right and be busy about His work.
Personally I reminded that God not only told us to be about His work but he also instructed us to rest. My husband and I are not so good about following the rest instruction. God said obey all His commands. We are so busy doing ministry we are ignoring the rest.
As we question our day to day life it is becoming clearer what we love and what our purpose is. And that yes we are getting older and need rest and more laughter.
What are your dreams? Are you a Daydream Believer? Okay, I regress and once again showing how old I am quoting a Monkees song! But truly I would like to hear from you and learn about your dreams.

And as promised in my last blog I will talk about The Life later this week.


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